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PLAY DEAD vol. 13+

Youth performance about anxiety by Hvid Støj Sceneproduktion.

Premiere 25 October 2018 at Open Stage in Aarhus. 

In 2019, another show about anxiety will follow, just for the 7-12 year olds.

Idea, concept & staging: Charlotte Ladefoged

Visual design: Morten Ladefoged

Composer: Marcus Aurelius Hjelmborg

Cast: Kasper Daugaard and Mette Gadeberg Gregersen

Manuscript: Simone Isabel Nørgaard & Charlotte Ladefoged

Video designer: Jens Mønsted

Costumes: Bodil Buonaventzen

Teaching material: Marianne Brogren

PR & Project Coordinator: Pernille From Klausen

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