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A dramatization of Peter Tudvad's biography "Nurse in the Third Reich"

Theater Five Feet Tall - Guest play at Bådteatret

Premiere 9 September 2015, subsequent tour

Re-staged from 29 September 2016 at Bådteatret

Screenplay: Simone Isabel Nørgaard based on Peter Tudvad's biography

Instruction: Pia Rosenbaum

Scenography: Thomas Kolding

Lighting: Sonja Lea

Sound: David Matschofsky

Video: Cecilie Sylvest Kolding

Cast: Lykke Sand Michelsen and Bodil Sangill

Idea: Lykke Sand Michelsen

Photo: David Matschofsky (graphic artist) and Lykke Sand Michelsen (model)


"Close your eyes and you will see."



"Definitely worth seeing."




"Watch the performance, be captivated and go home a little bit wiser."

-Ulla Strømberg, Kulturkupeen



"The two of them play all roles, Lykke also Ebba as a youngster, with a calmness and confidence that many times captivates the audience along the way. They are believable in their roles.”

-Henrik Sieben, Seniorbladet


"Bodil Sangill and Lykke Sand Michelsen impress in the Bådteatret's dramatization of Peter Tudvad's biography (...) It is impressive enough that the young playwright Simone Isabel Nørgaard succeeded in dramatizing the feisty and wide-ranging book, so that the play preserves the book's almost crime-like and skinlessly curious revelation of the nurse's repressed past – at the same time as the story appears completely simple (…) On stage, this brave story becomes corrosively strong.”

-Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information


"Bodil Sangill beautifully reveals the historical life secrets she has had to bear as a grandmother, and Lykke Sand Michelsen is downright ravishing, the girl and the lust for life as the young Ebba (...) Pia Rosenbaum has staged "My Darkness" with great sensitivity, highlighting what it means to be persecuted and co-responsible, and the entire atmosphere of the performance is moving and good to talk about together.”

-Knud Cornelius, Frederiksborg County Newspaper



"It's a beautiful little show in many ways."




“It is a well-played performance. You are quickly captured by the story and the two actors manage to play in a way that it is like being there yourself.”

-Tonny and Claus Bønløkke Hertz, Out & About


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