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28. May 2016 I am part of Dramafronten's project DramaRundt/Weekend6 in Kolding.

I vinteren 2015 har jeg og fem andre dramatikere været på inspirations- og researchtur i Kolding og ud fra det skrevet short pieces.

On Saturday 28 May we will meet 6 playwrights, 6 directors and 18 actors and present our six touring guides in various places under reading in Kolding.

My piece is calledThe bad guyand is inspired by a story from Lokalavisen Kolding about lonely young people and by Image 50 in the photography collectionAagaard's Picturesat Kolding City Archives. A photograph of a - perhaps - dead little girl.

The play is directed by Kim Dambæk and played by Frank Thiel and Nana Christine Morks.

The other playwrights are Mikkel Wallentin, Joan Rang Christensen, Julie Maj Jakobsen, Anna Panduro and Hans Kragh-Jacobsen.

"Maybe it was cot death, maybe pneumonia, maybe she drowned in a ditch. Maybe she's not dead at all. But at least she has bright eyes."

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