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Three men in a trench. One wishes he had never left, another that all three make the best of it, and the third that the two others don't notice that the ammunition is about to run out. Out of nowhere a woman appears. She is the one they remember, dream about and are haunted by. Why did they say a proper goodbye before they left? Which of the three will come home again? 

And who is the boy in no man's land who comes closer and closer?


Nikolas has just moved to the countryside and has started the 9th grade. He is gay and has no problem with his sexuality. On the other hand, he has lots of problems at home and has closed himself off in his own world of computer games.

Class teacher Jan sets out to help him. But perhaps he should never have done that, because Jan has a secret.

A generational thriller about concealment and the fear of standing up for oneself, but also a touching story about an instructive friendship between teacher and student.





In this anthology I have written the short one act "See you in Hollywood", which is included in volume 4. 

MY DARKNESS - a dramatization of Peter Tudvad's "Nurse in the Third Reich"


During the Second World War, the 16-year-old Jutland girl Ebba becomes a member of the Danish Nazi Party. She volunteers for the German Red Cross and experiences the war from the other side of the border. A few hundred meters from the Førerbunkeren, she nurses wounded German soldiers. When the war is over, Ebba returns home to Denmark and puts her history behind her. She never tells anyone until her grandson opens up the long repressed and dark memories and takes us into the darkness.





A fragmentary piece about young people who stand between society's wasteland of offers and opportunities on the one hand and demands for rapid education on the other. A play about performance anxiety and laziness, about pacing parents, fraud and showbiz. About students who can't make up their minds, students who can't concentrate, students who fall in love - and those who die if they get a seven.



In 1936, Danish Inge Lehmann solves one of the great mysteries of natural science when she discovers the Earth's inner core. Lehmann devotes his life to science, but never receives full recognition for his enormous discovery and remains largely unknown in Denmark.

Jordens Indre brings Lehmann's story to life in a tale of science and women's lives throughout the last century. We get close to Lehmann, who struggles with herself and the world around her, and we meet the people who revolve around her. A forgotten destiny unfolds in a drama that spans decades and continents.


A mother haunts her family during a birthday party. 

A boy loses his father in the middle of a football match and confirmation.

A terminally ill man refuses all attention at his funeral and begins to make a list...

And a funeral where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

Obituaries are short and very different one-act plays about death by four young playwrights.



Nine monologues. The story of nine young people about themselves.

We know the characters, we know the situations. There's the photographer, the homeless, the brawler, the liar, the poor heartthrobs....

We meet them in the middle of everyday life; in condensed and universal stories about living and dreaming, about longing, hope and anxiety.

What is a portrait? Can you capture the essence of a person in a picture? Are portraits dead or just moments on hold?




"Don't you ever get afraid that there is nothing that really matters? Sometimes it feels like all of humanity could disappear from the face of the earth forever and it wouldn't make a difference.”


These are the thoughts that Laura thinks about at post-secondary school. One day she entrenched herself in her room. It makes no sense to do otherwise. Because it even exists – the point of it all? Or is it just something we all, young and old, tacitly pretend?

The other students - led by William in love - set out to get Laura out of the room. They want to convince her at all costs that everything matters…


(Written in collaboration with Charlotte Ladefoged)




A collection of one-act plays about the backside of Christmas.


Anthology written in collaboration with Niclas Ashkan Johansen and Henrik Szklany, my fellow students on the Playwriting course at Aarhus Theatre.

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